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Clinical Supervision

Transitioning from LMSW to LCSW is an exciting and challenging process. Our team of experienced supervisors is committed to empowering you as you work towards discovering your full potential as a clinician. We recognize the importance of transparency, ongoing learning, and development, and as such, utilize an integrative model that is strength-based, client-centered, and developmentally appropriate. Our team has extensive clinical experience, including expertise in Veteran Affairs, Community Mental Health, Substance Use, Hospice, Home Health, Home Studies, Juvenile Detention, Community Outreach, Specialized Therapeutic Modalities, Group work, and Individual Psychotherapy.

We prioritize trauma-informed care and systems theory and work collaboratively with our supervisees to provide a learning environment that caters to individual needs and enriches clinical skills. Exploring privileged and marginalized social settings provides opportunities to better understand how they interact with each other. In supervision, you will have the chance to reflect on each part of your identity and navigate through any dynamics arising in transference and countertransference. We will delve into topics such as psychodynamic training, trauma, communities and individuals, gender identity, social work code of ethics and TAC, assessing and diagnosing, crisis intervention, resource linking, resilience, burnout prevention, self-care, prioritization, and boundaries.

As you pursue your clinical and professional goals, our supervisors offer guidance and support. We use DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis by Michael B. First MD as a guide.


We create a safe and non-judgmental space for our supervisees to make mistakes, celebrate growth, and foster trust, safety, and connection with their clients. Malpractice insurance is mandatory. We offer a 15-minute consultation and if we are a good fit, we perform a 60-90 minute interview. Selecting a clinical supervisor can be daunting, and it's important to find the right match. We encourage prospective supervisees to interview with more than one clinical supervisor. We are currently accepting new supervisees, and sessions are conducted online.

To learn more about each LCSW-S on our team, please visit the "Our Team" tab on our website.

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