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Life coaching

Life Coaching 

                                                 Life Coaching is not therapy!

Do you need help attaining life goals not related to counseling? If so, our team is here to assist you! Together we can clarify your life goals and analyze what barriers are preventing you from living the life you deserve. A life coach can help you explore and improve careers, school, college, relationships, health improvements through exercise and diet, completing tasks, follow through,  reduce procrastination, social life and social skills, work life integration, organizational changes, build self efficacy and empowerment, and finances. 


Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out your purpose in life. Allow our team to give you a fresh perspective. Helping you discover your own strengths can help you regain control of your life and lead to lasting changes. We offer real solutions and accountability. You're not supposed to always have everything figured out! As a team we value transparency and commitment. We understand each person is on their own life journey. If what you're currently doing doesn't seem to be working, we challenge you to try something new! We welcome anyone ready to receive motivation, strategies, accountability, and constructive feedback. Please call 469-965-9799 to get started today! We offer a 10 minute free consultation. 


Life coaching is not covered by insurance. Life coaching is private pay only. Pricing: 30 Minute session $75 / 60 minute session $150.

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