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EMDR Consultation Online 

Heather Hester M.S., LCSW-S, is EMDR Certified and an EMDR Consultant in Training (CIT) approved by EMDRIA. As a CIT she is actively working towards becoming an Approved Consultant. Heather is currently accepting consultees who are EMDR trained licensed therapists interested in completing their EMDR certification. As a CIT Heather can provide 15 hours of consultation online. The remaining 5 hours must be provided by an EMDRIA approved consultant. Consultation is a collaborative relationship between mental health clinicians. As a CIT Heather will review your EMDR client case material and provide constructive feedback and offer guidance regarding the use of EMDR. Consultees are required to provide examples of their clinical work as part of the consultation process. As a CIT Heather will focus on the 8 phases of EMDR three-pronged approach and AIP model to ensure mastery, proficiency, fidelity, and the safety of clients. Consultation will operate within the ethical standards respective to each professional license. Group consultation fee $50 and individual consultation fee $75.

The following is needed to start the consultation process:

  • A short interview discussing why consultation is being sought. Discussion of client case load, location, timeframe, or duration of consultation. Review expectations of the CIT and consultee. Identify any barriers.  

  • A copy of your EMDR certificate of completion from an approved EMDRIA training program is required.

  • A copy of your license to practice independently as a mental health profession in the state where you practice is required.

  • Completion of the online declaration form.

  • A written contractual agreement for consultation services.

Once EMDR hours are completed the EMDR trained therapist must provide the following to EMDRIA:

  1. Provide a certification of completion of the EMDR approved Training program.

  2. Provide a copy of your current license (must include expiration date) as an independent practitioner in the state where you practice.

  3. A notarized statement of practice of EMDR experience:

    1. Two years of experience in your field of license

    2. Conducted at least 50 EMDR sessions with 25 clients

  4. Documentation of individual and group hours from the EMDR Consultant(s) who provided EMDR consultation.

  5. 10 hours must be individual and the remaining 10 hours can be obtained through group.

  6. 5 hours must be provided by a EMDR Consultant. 15 hours can be provided by a consultant in training.

  7. Consultation hours can only be completed after attending a EMDRIA approved EMDR Training program.

  8. A letter from one or more EMDR Consultant(s) describing your utilization of EMDR with clients and recommendations for you to be certified in EMDR.

  9. Two letters from two professionals recommending your utilization of EMDR, ethical practice, and professional character. Letters can be from colleagues or peers.

  10. 12 hours of EMDRIA continuing education (CE). Certificates EMDR CE’s of completion are required.

  11. Attestation upon submission to the policies of EMDRIA.

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